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Point to Point Podcast

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Point to Point podcast, where we’ll be discussing issues and opportunities for Nova Scotia businesses who #ThinkExport.

Episode 1: NSBI President and CEO Laurel Broten is joined by Patrick Brannon, Director of Major Projects at APEC, and Danny Graham, Chief Engagement Officer at Engage Nova Scotia, to discuss business competitiveness.

Episode 2: NSBI’s Laurel Broten and Dr. Kes Morton, founder Pisces Consulting Ltd., discuss research into diversity, inclusion and equity in the ocean sector and we hear more on the landmark purchase of Clearwater Seafoods by a partnership of First Nations and BC-based Premium Brands.

Episode 3: NSBI’s Laurel Broten is joined by Andrew Mutch, President of Michelin North America (Canada) Incorporated, on how Michelin in Nova Scotia is driving the way toward a more sustainable future.   And we hear more from Margaret Chapman of Narrative Research on survey results from Nova Scotians on what they need toward sustainability.

Episode 4: Nova Scotia is truly a special place. It is our people, both born and raised in Nova Scotia and newcomers choosing to make their home here, that fuel our economy, create new businesses and jobs, fill labour gaps, and add to the diversity and culture in our communities. Population growth and the economy go hand in hand and require care, attention and investment.

Listen to "Point to Point" on Spreaker.

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