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Enginuity Inc.

Leveraging funding, talent, and innovation to reach new markets

As a provider of creative design engineering solutions in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Enginuity works on many projects across Atlantic Canada. But with the acceptance and growth of remote work during the pandemic, Enginuity’s service region has been able to expand like never before.

“Three years ago, it would have been exceptionally rare for us to design a net new product for someone we’d never met,” says Alastair Trower, Director of Business Development at Enginuity Inc. “Now that people are used to remote meeting tools and working from home, they’re also trusting services that are delivered through that same channel.”

With ideal conditions to broaden the reach of Enginuity’s product development services, connecting with innovation ecosystems in other markets has become a key focus of the company's business development plans. To support expansion efforts, Enginuity brought on a graduate student through Mitacs to help identify opportunities, build relationships, and grow awareness within entrepreneurial communities, creating a new pipeline of potential clients. And through funding partnerships with organizations like Nova Scotia Business Inc., Mitacs covered at least 50 per cent of the innovation internship.”


Enginuity brought on a graduate student through Mitacs to help identify opportunities, build relationships, and grow awareness

The project is ongoing, but Trower says he’s pleased with the progress they’re making, having delivered several new products in the past 18 months for clients as far away as Aberdeen, Scotland and Vancouver, BC.

“We’re doing what we set out to achieve,” he says. “Identifying, nurturing, and building new relationships while solving complex problems for clients in many time zones.”

Trower says programs like Mitacs Accelerate and NSBI’s Export Development Program play an important role in Enginuity’s business growth.

“When we’re not developing solutions for clients, we work on our own innovations. Getting these to market would be even more challenging without the support of our local funding partners,” he says.

“We’re establishing a pipeline of opportunities across a wider territory,” says Trower. “It’s great for the Nova Scotia economy. We produce amazing talent here in engineering and innovation – giving graduates a reason to stay is crucial for everyone.”

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