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Why Ubisoft chose Nova Scotia

“Forward-thinking schools, dynamic business community and competitive government programs.”

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Strategic Location

Nova Scotia’s time zone is exactly halfway between San Francisco and London — perfect for global operations in the tech industry

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Achievements Unlocked

Up your gameplay with Nova Scotia’s unique advantages

Most Valuable Players

Nova Scotia boasts more students per capita in tech-related fields than any other province in Canada.

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A Global Cluster

As one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech hubs, Nova Scotia is home to top gaming companies like Microsoft Xbox Studios and 2K Games.

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Superior Tax Credits

Nova Scotia offers the highest digital media tax credits in Canada, supporting 30+ studios.

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Unlock your business potential with Nova Scotia as your partner

As the business development agency of Nova Scotia, we provide practical advice on growing your business in one of the most competitive jurisdictions in North America. Contact us about investing and locating in Nova Scotia.

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Stephen Hilchey

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