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The Perfect Site in the
Ideal Nova Scotia Location

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Find the perfect Nova Scotia site ready for your development needs today.
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Atlantic Canada Certified Sites

The only certification program that gives you access to development-ready sites in 4 out of 10 Canadian provinces. 
Click here to search certified sites across Atlantic Canada.

Streamlined Site Selection
Quickly find a site that aligns with your development needs in our database. Every site is thoroughly vetted and comes with the detailed property information you need to make your selection.

Low Risk, Fast Turnaround
Certified sites mean faster turnaround times, quicker approvals, and lower risk, so you can break ground or initiate site redevelopment the moment you are ready.

Move Your Project Forward
With our commitment to speed and collaboration, we connect you with the services and decision-makers you need to move your project forward efficiently.

Strategic Location
Atlantic Canada is ideally situated between North America and Europe with associated trade agreements and multimodal transportation, including deep-water ports, making it an ideal nexus to connect you to your supply chain.

Education and Skills
With a high concentration of universities, colleges, and innovation hubs, Atlantic Canada has the skilled workforce and researchers to set your project up for success.

Global Industries and Expertise
Atlantic Canada is recognized globally for its expertise in Oceans, Cybersecurity, Aerospace & Defense, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy (Renewable & Clean Tech), Agri-Food and Life Sciences.

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