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Major freight and global shipping routes.

Helping Atlantic Canadian businesses be export ready.

The intake period for 2022-2023 Launch Export Atlantic Incubator is now closed. Please contact Jessica McCall to learn more. 

Excited about growing your company and curious about expanding your sales outside of Nova Scotia and Canada but not sure how to begin? The Launch Export Atlantic Incubator is a virtual export readiness program that builds the export capacity of small businesses in Atlantic Canada with the goal of enabling long-term economic growth in the region. This program will help you find the answers you need and support your learning along the way. If you are selected for participation in the Launch Export Atlantic Incubator, you receive:

  • Support to develop an Export Monthly Action Plan (Export MAP) to guide export planning
  • Targeted export educational sessions
    • Customer Discovery - Identify potential early adopters and learn how to use qualitative market research methods to validate problem-market fit.
    • Sales Training - Understanding the building blocks that build a solid sales organization, a repeatable sales process, and creating a healthy sales funnel.
    • Essential Branding for Entrepreneurs – Consistent branding is a key component to gain trust and customers over time.
    • Essential Relationship Marketing for Entrepreneurs – Explore the relationship marketing cycle and how marketing activities relate to each other.
    • Social Video – Learn how to leverage video on social media platforms to engage with customers and drive sales.
    • Export Budgeting / Cash Flow Projections - Core components, considerations, and resources to help you prepare and manage your export market-entry strategy.
    • Pricing Strategies for Export - How to price your product/service for export markets.
    • Virtual Trade – Help your business thrive with this step-by-step guide to export growth in a virtual world. This will provide tools, in-depth knowledge, and a robust understanding of the best practices you need to thrive in an increasingly virtual world.
  • 1:1 Coaching opportunities on how to solve your business challenges and enter foreign markets
  • Educational Trade Mission to Atlanta, Georgia in June 2023
    • Pre-mission sessions focused on how to prepare for the mission, elements required for planning, what to expect in market, and follow up on international sales opportunities.
    • Select meetings with Canadian government and business organizations in the target city.
    • Opportunities for companies to visit sector-specific sites of interest including business incubation centres, accelerators, start-up zones, research centres, educational partners, advanced manufacturing centres and more.
    • Education sessions in market on a range of issues related to doing business in the U.S., including Canadian Consular services, intellectual property protection, setting up U.S. entities, and sales strategies for the target market.
    • Post-mission follow-up with a matchmaker to assist with any additional support after B2B meetings.


The training component fee is $250 and covers the cost of your export training, support services and coaching. All sessions will be delivered virtually via Zoom.

The Educational Trade Mission fee is $250. Participants are responsible for all costs associated with travel, meals, and accommodations; however, the Launch Export Atlantic Incubator reimburses 75% of the costs of air travel and accommodations for one participant per company once a travel claim is submitted with all receipts.

For complete program details, please refer to the Launch Export Atlantic Incubator Program Guidelines.


Jessica McCall
(902) 223-8252