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Do more than just adapt. 

Help your business thrive with this step-by-step guide to export growth in a virtual world. 

Have you ever considered expanding your business beyond your region or even beyond Canada? The Atlantic Provinces and the federal government have come together to help your business grow beyond our borders. Export Growth in a Virtual World: A Step-by-Step Guide is an online training session providing Atlantic Canadian businesses with tools, in-depth knowledge, and a robust understanding of the best practices they need to thrive in an increasingly virtual world. This session identifies new ways to reach customers, developing a strategy for expanding into markets around the world.

Key topics include:

  • Virtual Trade Event Preparation 
  • Navigating Virtual Trade Tools 
  • Shifting Your Message to Virtual 

Webinar recording is available free of charge.

Looking for additional resources? Download our Export Growth in a Virtual World: A Step-by-Step Guide Toolkits: