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Clean Technology in Nova Scotia

Clean Technology

Clean Technology

Nova Scotia is a national leader in fighting climate change. We have the most ambitious targets in the country for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Nova Scotia is an ideal location for companies in the clean technology space due to its diverse ecosystem, commitment to sustainability, a history of industry collaboration and investment, leading research and development, and a large pool of highly skilled talent.

Advancing technology today for a greener tomorrow

Nova Scotia's clean technology industry attracts considerable international attention thanks to our clean technology companies that serve a variety of industries.

Energy Storage Nova Scotia has a long history in batteries. This includes companies like Surrette Battery — Canada’s only remaining independent battery manufacturer and leading lead-acid battery producer and NOVONIX BTS, who are conducting ground-breaking research in lithium-ion battery materials and testing. 

Bioeconomy Nova Scotia’s bioeconomy is constantly innovating to find novel and sustainable uses for by-products. From cellulosic biomass to shellfish waste, there are opportunities for co-location and partnerships to produce value-added bioproducts. The Verschuren Centre in Cape Breton is home to unique bioreactor facilities; it is 1 of only 3 units of this size in Canada and the only one with open access and downstream processing. 

Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilization New methods to capture, store, and use carbon are being developed and scaled from CarbonCure Technologies’ award-winning concrete solutions. Nova Scotia also has a combination of assets that strongly position the province for ample wind power to hydrogen production and export.

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Clean Technology

Energy Storage

Offshore Wind and Hydrogen


Leading research

Nova Scotia has significant capacity in research and development within the clean technology industry.

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Capital cost allowances

Did you know Canada has accelerated capital cost allowances for clean energy equipment?

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Government commitment to a clean energy future

Nova Scotia has the most ambitious targets in the country  for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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The Nova Scotia Business Advantage

In just one day we can connect you to everyone you need to meet to choose Nova Scotia as the next location for your business. We secure meetings with senior leaders, government and the business community while curating a visit that perfectly suits your business needs.

A vibrant ecosystem

Over 20 academic institutions in Nova Scotia provide a steady stream of skilled, educated and diverse graduates ready to support knowledge-based industries 

Competitive costs

According to fDi Benchmark, Halifax, Nova Scotia boasts significant cost savings as compared to other jurisdictions.

An unbeatable workforce

Nova Scotia has one of the largest concentrations of universities and best-educated workforces in North America.

Leading research

Canada leads the G7 in research and development (R&D) spending in post-secondary research as a share of GDP, and offers companies one of the most generous R&D tax incentives in the industrialized world.

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Tesla’s only satellite battery research facility is located in Nova Scotia and is partnered with Dr. Jeff Dahn at Dalhousie University
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