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The course content for this topic covers the context in which international trade takes place and the opportunities and challenges it represents for business. In addition, you will find a complete discussion on ethical issues businesses face today. Topics such as a code of conduct for international trade professionals, human rights, ethical practices, diversity in the workplace and the environment, will be of particular interest. Cultural aspects of international business and the importance of e-commerce for facilitating international trade are also addressed in this course content, along with tips and tricks concerning:

  • Buying and selling internationally
  • Negotiating abroad
  • The global entrepreneur
  • The global economy
  • Canada's place in the world
  • Trade rules
  • The export process
  • The import process
  • The international business plan
  • International market research and marketing
  • The international institutional framework
  • Trade financing
  • Logistics and distribution
  • The global corporation

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